Advanced Analysis Resynthesis

For this lab we will further develop our ears and synthesis fundamental techniques by taking on a more challenging source.  To achieve this, w will depart from EDM and contemporary electronic music to explore some of the classics of 20th century electronic music.

Your goal in the lab is two fold.  1st to become more aware of the successful artists of the past who you may not know yet, and to reproduce exciting sounds that do not already exist as presets, or software packages.

Lets all take a listen to the opening of Morton Subotnick’s Sidewinder Part 1, (first three minutes or so).  Next lets divide Sidewinder Part1 and Part2 in to 3 minute sections, and each person take a section to explore.

Your challenge will be as follows:

  1. Pick 4 sounds you hear, and decide how you might reproduce them with a limited tool kit:
    1. square waves/pulse waves, noise, filters, delays, LFOs.
  2. Recreate those 4 sounds on 4 separate tracks/systems.
  3. Be able to present those 4 sounds, by playing an excerpt of the Subotnick piece followed by your resynthesis (1 minute example).
  4. Make a drum-less 2-3 minute artistic arrangement using the 4 sounds you created that is exciting and engaging.
  5. Post the two works to sound cloud and submit your lab here.
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