SD1 Final Project Submission

The final project is due at 1pm on the final day of classes. Your final project must contain proper credits at the end.  Also please add a 5 second count down at the beginning. Each group member must submit the final project link and answer the questions posed here.

Final Project progress 3

We are in the last 7 days (168 hours) of the final project progress.  It is now time to identify what you can and must do to complete the final project.   You may find that there are more things to do that you feel you have time to accomplish.   To reduce the stress […]

Project Progress 2

Please report how your project is progressing. What is the most important lessons you have learned (the hard way)? Please use this google form to submit your progress report,  use the form here.

Project Progress

Please report how your project is progressing. What is working well, what needs work? How are you and your group members collaborating, etc? Please use this google form to submit your progress report,  use the form here.

Final Project Production Plan

The final project will take us the last several weeks of the semester to complete.  Each week project groups will make progress towards the final. Please fill out a google form with the key information about your project plan. Use the form linked here.

Music Edit for Commercial

For this assignment you will be selecting and/or editing music to match a 30-second TV commercial.  Your goal is to use music to best sell the product and emotionally reinforce the imagery. Steps: 1. Find and download a commercial online (keep the sound muted to not bias yourself). 2. Import the commercial into your DAW, […]

Music and Media 1

For this assignment you will be selecting a clip and writing a brief report.  Find a scene from a movie where music profoundly changes your emotional experience. Prove this to yourself by playing some other music while watching the same scene. Re-review this scene without looking at the screen, just listen. Write about the music you […]

Slow-motion effects

For this Lab we will experiment with slow motion effects. The artistic goal is to be able to create a moment where time slows down.  The technical goal is to build your sound design vocabulary and tool kit. Quickly find or film a moment of slow motion in an action sequence. Explore these effect processes […]

Dialog re-record and refine

Start with your dialog lab project and continue to improve it.  Work in groups to divide the labor. Re-record any voices that did not sound like the person who you see on screen. Refine the edits and mixing so that each of the voices sound even in terms of volume or level. Upload and submit […]

Dialog Edit

For this lab you will edit dialog recordings to line up with your production dialog (the clip you used). Import the production (the full clip, audio only) into your DAW on track 1. Import your best ADR takes into your DAW using a different track for each actor/character. Edit the ADR takes until they line […]

Dialog Capture Homework

For this project you will work with a classmate to record dialog for a movie clip. Select a fun movie clip 1.5-3 minutes long.  There should be at least two people talking, arguing, speaking a lot. Divide up the tasks of who will record which voices.  You can work together in one location, or you […]

Sound walk

We often think of narrative in terms of visual story telling.  For this exercise we will tell a brief story by putting sounds together to create a narrative with out visuals.  Sketch a story, or outline, of imaginary “path”. Find/Create/Record the sounds you would hear if you were to travel through your story. Organize, sequence […]

SD1 Sync homework

Building on the fight scene project from class.    Improve the sound design and sync of the fight scene you started with your lab partner or group.  Continue working on the project outside of class either alone or continuing in your group.   The advantage of group work, is that you can divide the workload […]

SD1 Project 2

Building on our lab exercise.  Consider our critical discussion about which sounds were close, but were somehow not quite right.  This will give you a chance to practice the process working with sound, then connecting it to a visual media.  This will also give you an opportunity to refine the work, which could not be […]

Work flow proof of concept

For this show and tell session. 1. Find a photo of a real or imaginary place, indoors or outdoors that you remember very well how it sounds. 2. Layer several sounds together that create the sonic environment of that photo.  Be sure to edit the sounds and add fades. 3. Mix and Export the composite sound […]