Advanced Mixing (re-synthesis)

For those of you who already know the basic functionality of mixing, lets try something to challenge your ears. Find a musical tone online or in any synth you can find on the computer.   The tone must be steady (no vibrato,  modulation, filter sweeps).    Think of the steady portion of a clarinet sustaining […]

Work flow proof of concept

For this show and tell session. 1. Find a photo of a real or imaginary place, indoors or outdoors that you remember very well how it sounds. 2. Layer several sounds together that create the sonic environment of that photo.  Be sure to edit the sounds and add fades. 3. Mix and Export the composite sound […]

SD1 Workflow Lab

Open the audio and video tools you will use for class today.  Open your note book and make sure you can answer each of the questions in your own words.   Try things out with your tools to make sure you know you can do it easily, and someday soon, without your notes. Some of […]

Listen Record and Listen again

Listen Record Listen Description:For this assignment you will need the means by which you can record and playback sound, a computer with headphones, a notebook, pen, and approximately one hour to perform the experiments.  The report should be kept concise (no more than 1000 words please), but be sure to answer the questions below, describe […]

FRCC Sound Design Syllabus 2015

Sound Design Syllabus:

FRCC CMA 1 Syllabus 2015

Computer Music Applications Syllabus:

AV1 Final

The Final Project for AV1 gives you the opportunity to apply all the lessons from the short assignments in the semester into one large project that you can use to demonstrate the quality of your post production skill set. The final will be broken down into several layers so that we may use class time […]

Live remix session

Reminder: Sample Requirements -Samples you have copyright to ONLY (unless they’re Puff Daddy’s) -No Presets! (Sorry modern talking) -No Puff Daddy Samples – Sample rate of 48 kHz -WAV AIFF, or lossless file types. If it doesn’t open in Ableton there’s a good chance I’m not going to convert it so please do that! Rhythmic […]

Listening Session

Please sign up for a listening session slot here. 1st session is 4-Feb-2015

DAP2 video intro

With the weather preventing all of us from meeting together, I have prepared this video introduction that will hopefully clarify some of the goals and expectations of the course. You can watch the video here. The slides in the video may be hard to read so you can follow along with the slide full screen here, […]

AV1 Syllabus Spring 2015

Audio for Video 1 Wednesdays 11am-12:40pm Studio C (aka Edu room 880)   Online Course Description An introduction to the concepts and applications of audio production for video, television and film. Current production techniques frequently used in the post-production industry will be explored with special emphasis on synchronization and the interfacing of SMPTE time code, […]

Samplers and building a Sample library

Building a library of sounds that you can have figuratively at your finger tips is key to composing with sounds and testing musical ideas quickly.  Additionally, with a library of loops, short sound effects, long textures and such, you can perform your compositions live. Worksheet 1  

Mixing Gates Lab

Use this presentation to guide your lab experience. gates lab sheet.

Mixing Gates

      Using side chaining and gates are powerful tools for music production, performance and remixing.   The examples below can be easily employed to make space in a mix for a new sounds or create a rhythmic figure from a continuous sound or noise. These tricks have been used to help rhythm sections […]

Advanced Mapping

MIDI mapping in your DAW can turn your music production tools into music performance tools.   At times the automatic mapping features of programs like live can be very helpful.  Occasionally you may find that they do not work to your satisfaction.     For example,  if you map a MIDI key press (using the […]