Listen Record and Listen again

Listen Record Listen

Description:For this assignment you will need the means by which you can record and playback sound, a computer with headphones, a notebook, pen, and approximately one hour to perform the experiments.  The report should be kept concise (no more than 1000 words please), but be sure to answer the questions below, describe any difficulties you encountered during the technical portion of this assignment, and discuss the results of your analysis.

Tools needed:
1 portable, high fidelity recording device, (easy example: a smart phone with a music recording app)
Pen and paper

Go outside to a location where you can sit for 20 minutes. Note the time and location. After approximately 3 minutes have passed (after you are accustomed to your new surroundings), start the portable recorder and record for no more than 5 minutes.

After 5 minutes of recording stop and save the file. Please do not take notes while recordings as you may add sounds of writing/typing.

When the recording is finished, take notes of the sounds you hear: How many sounds are present? What are they? Describe the sounds. Be specific with regards to frequency, intensity/loudness, timbre, duration, and how the sounds change over time.

Give yourself some time between this recording and the next steps, at least a few hours maybe a day or two.

Go indoors and listen to your recording of the outdoor environment on headphones. Again take notes about what you hear. How many sounds are present? What sounds are they? Describe the sounds in terms of frequency, amplitude and spectrum. Also be specific about how sounds change over time.e



Review the two sets of notes.  Analyze and discuss the differences between your notes from the live listening situation to the notes taken while listening to the recording. Think about how important it is to be able to recreate a live environment as a sound designer.  Explore how this experience relates to your ambitions in Sound Design. Please do not need to submit the original notes,   Only your thought should be included in your report.  There is not need to include your original notes.

Please email your report to the instructor before class.

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