Organized Sound

For this assignment you will be organizing sounds different than the musical sounds you typical to pop or dance music.     You will be collecting sounds that have some interest to you or that you have recorded.  You will then assign each sound to a descriptive feature from your most recent analysis project.    You will arrange these sounds in your DAW as either samples triggered by MIDI (advanced)  or audio regions on tracks (beginner).

  1.  Identify the number of sounds you will need, by reviewing your analysis file.
  2.  Collect sounds that fit into the following categories, Please make sure you have at lease one from each of the five  categories.
    1. Wind & Water
    2.  Fire
    3.  Earth & Stone
    4.  Human
    5. Machine
  3. Save this sounds to your computer, but preferably your external memory stick or hard drive.
  4.  Returning to your analysis file decide which of your sounds will match up with each section.  Be arbitrary here.  Make the decision quickly and move on to the next step.
  5. Arrange the sounds in your DAW according to the arrangement of your analysis.
  6. Adjust levels (volume) as needed so that you can hear all the different sounds when they play together (beginner).  Advanced students:  add effects and automation to taste as time allows.
  7. Export/Render the recording
  8. Post the recording on sound cloud  (please create a new account if needed).
  9.  Submit your completed work via the form here.
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