Recombination project

For this project we will build on our previous lab where we recombined existing works to create new works and break out of our usual habits.

The goal will be to produce a short song where one section, such as the verses, are played with minimal changes from the original work, while another section, such as the chorus,  build, drop, etc is made by cutting up other works (your own if applicable) such that they create an entirely new musical piece or experience.

Those of you working in various flavors of EDM, please start with a song outside your current production aesthetic.  Think of Avicii bringing a what some consider a country music song into EDM with his arrangement of Aloe Blacc’s wake me up.

Keep this projection pointed and on the short side,  2-3 minutes tops.  We will be playing these songs in class, so please keep lyric content appropriate.

Upload your final mix and post the links via this google form.


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